Georgia Neu
Local Guide · 125 reviews · 12 photos
2 months ago-
“The pork grenades are the bomb! It’s a local Westside BBQ eatery, not fancy but the food is good. They have lots of take out orders and you need to try it”

Ron Scott
Local Guide · 41 reviews · 88 photos
2 days ago-
“Great food and experience William was a great informative on the catering”

Don Jackson
37 reviews
3 months ago-
“Established westside business with excellent food, service and catering”

Joni Mestas
Local Guide · 170 reviews · 730 photos
7 months ago-
“Great food. Fantastic atmosphere to dine for lunch. I highly recommend Marx BBQ.”

henry smith
11 reviews
6 months ago-
“Always a great place to eat BBQ. Make sure & ask for it Sweet & Sassy.”

Will Clark
Local Guide · 19 reviews · 8 photos
a year ago-
“The staff was extremely friendly and the food was delicious and well-priced. The sweet and sassy coleslaw is fantastic!”

Rodney Harmon
Local Guide · 22 reviews · 8 photos
9 months ago-
“Best BBQ around. Hands down.”

Jeremy Bost
19 reviews · 11 photos
a year ago-
“Great place to eat. Bang for your buck! Get the pork gernade! It will blow you away! Sweet and sassy sauce!”

Sheriff john Brown
2 reviews · 1 photo
a year ago-
“Been eating food from Marx for over 40 years. still great. Highly recommended”

Sam Flood
Local Guide · 88 reviews
2 years ago-
“One of my favorite places in Evansville! I went to Marx regularly when I lived there from 2006-2012 and I always enjoy it when have the chance to go when I am in town. A quintessential Westside place!”

Jon B
Local Guide · 107 reviews · 84 photos
10 months ago-
“Bbq is outstanding

Krista Donahue
10 reviews
3 years ago-
“Some of the best barbecue around town. Family owned and operated.”